Services for College Students

In partnership with colleges, universities and alumni associations, Stevenson Wallace offers training and facilitation for college seniors to help smooth their transition from college to full-time work.

We transfer the core principles of strategic planning to young people beginning their professional lives and wondering how to make smart decisions about their careers and futures.

Job GPS: Navigating Critical Career Decisions is a one-day workshop available throughout the academic year. It has a maximum capacity of 50 students to allow for a fast-paced, engaging atmosphere with table discussions, team challenges and an interactive curriculum. The day’s agenda includes:

To learn how to bring a Job GPS workshop to your university or city, please contact us to discuss availability and per-student pricing.

Our Approach

The Stevenson Wallace approach is grounded in empathy, action and clarity, and in the belief that we’re not just leading effective consulting projects, we’re building long-term relationships.

We know that we provide clarity by helping you identify the blurred business concerns that keep you up at night, defining them with laser focus so we can solve them together.

We know that we help you understand your context through research that simultaneously provides actionable insight and increases your stakeholders’ investment in your work by engaging them in your process.

We know that you only have time to solve each problem once, so we go upstream to find root causes and systemic solutions.

And we know that you’re the subject-matter expert in your work, so we practice an aggressive humility that honors your knowledge while pushing your organization to discover, discern and innovate.